ERG offers environmental technical review services for public and private landowners who require expert review and interpretations of complex documents or data. ERG can also provide assistance with baseline environmental investigations, planning and permitting compliances, site mitigation design, construction oversight, and environmental monitoring and reporting.

We provide a unique multidisciplinary team of environmental experts with established working relationships with Local, State and Federal regulatory agencies, and the knowledge and understanding of the processes required to ensure complete service to the client.

Services include:

    • Technical review and analysis of environmental documents.
    • Baseline environmental assessments including Phase I, Phase II and development of site conceptual models.
    • Project cost analysis.
    • Assistance and recommendations with local, state, and federal regulation compliances.
    • Environmental management systems to promote continuing compliance.
    • Permitting efforts for allowable discharges to air and water including storm water.

Environmental Compliance Programs:

    • Health and Safety Plans, Dust Control Plans, Soil Management Plans.
    • Hazardous Materials Management Plans (HMMPs.)
    • Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plan pursuant to SWRCB Industrial Activities Permit requirements
    • NPDES Discharge Permitting.
    • UST Cleanup Fund State Reimbursement Management.
    • Geotracker Database Management.
    • Hazardous Waste Management pursuant to CCR Title 22, Division 4.5.
    • Air Quality Permits and Emissions (EPA and California AQMD Regulation 11, Rule 8.
    • Process Safety Management and Risk Management Plans.
    • Injury and Illness Prevention pursuant to CCR Title 8, Section 3203.
    • Emergency Action Plan pursuant to CCR Title 8 Section 3220.